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Water leaks from neighbour & Auto-gate warranty period

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Water leaks from neighbour & Auto-gate warranty period Empty Water leaks from neighbour & Auto-gate warranty period

Post  makisato on 15/8/2010, 4:59 am

1) Water leaks:
There was water leaking into the plaster ceiling in one corner of the master bedroom, identified as brown-yellowish stains. My uncle, who lives in my house, submitted a "Defect Rectification Form" (DRF) for its repair on 1Feb2010. Sime Darby’s contractor said there is nothing wrong with my water tank and do not know what caused the water to leak, so all they did was repaint the stains on the plaster ceilings and walls. After some time, water leaks from the same spot again. Another DRF was submitted to Sime Darby on 23May2010. The contractor entered the roof deck again and did a thorough check this time, it turns out the source of the water was from my neighbour’s water tank. So, again, they repainted the stained plaster ceiling.

Let’s address my neighbour as Mr X.

My uncle spoke to Mr X about the water leakage problem. He told my uncle he had installed a jet-pump to the main water tank to increase water pressure throughout the house. The jet-pump was badly-installed by an external contractor (not associated with Sime Darby) which caused pipes to burst and led to high volume of water seep through his walls, damaged all his floor laminates in the bedrooms as well as electrical appliances (short-circuited due to wetness). According to him, the external contractor has not been contactable to account for the bad workmanship and damage to his house. Obviously, such self-introduced damages are not covered by Sime Darby‘s Defect Liability clause. My family sympathise with them on the grounds they have to spend undefinable sum on repair work, but my uncle had also made known to Mr.X about the inconvenience the leakage had caused us and urged him to act fast. If water enters electricity wirings, any contact with electrical appliance can be fatal.

Today, I discovered stains on the same spot yet again. I do not know if my neighbour has taken urgent steps to end this misery. I didn’t have the chance to speak to Mr. X today because he and family had moved back to their previous home. According to my uncle, they would drop by occasionally just to have their car washed and their timings are unpredictable.

The best I could do is submit another DRF and have the stains repainted. But how many times can I do this? My Liability Defects period ends on 8 april 2011. Before the liability period ends, Sime Darby is obligated to repair any defects in my house. BUT… if the defects are introduced by an external party (namely, Mr.X) and not by construction workmanship, can Sime Darby take legal action against my neighbour? Please help.

2)Auto-gate warranty period:
Last month, my auto-gate failed when it could not open in the morning. After my uncle did some tweaking at its control box, the gate opened and he drove his car out of the porch. However, when he tried to close the gate using the remote device, it did not close fully and left a small gap. He submitted a DRF to Sime Darby on 3aug2010. The contractor arrived yesterday, my uncle was told that the auto-gate cannot be fixed because the auto-gate’s warranty period has lapsed! That piece of information stunned us!! Apart from the 24-months Liability Defects Period stated in the S&P, there was no mention of the auto-gate having a separate warranty period. Or am I missing something? My Liability Defects Period ends on 8 April 2011. Please help. Thanks!


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Water leaks from neighbour & Auto-gate warranty period Empty Just sharing my experience

Post  Afa on 29/6/2011, 9:53 pm

Hi Makisato, i am experiencing da same problem s yours :
1)Water leak on my wall from neighbor's renovationm
2)Malfunction autogate

Regarding da 1st problem: S usual,da ass h*** contractor just took a laid back move by giving me a lame excuses. my wooden side panel on da stairway were damaged n he said tht i hav 2 wait 4 1-2 weeks to wait 4 replacement.
Da 2nd problem:Da technician said auto gate warranty only covers 4 one & a half year,more over if u ask 4 a totally new set of autogate machine, u hav 2 wait 4 1-2 weeks to get another replacement.

All these sorts of problems did not arise from da house owner, but from a third party. In my 1st case, i hav to constantly call da contractor instead of him being 'responsible' to call, update n rectify my house problem n da house owner?...."i will call u later".
I hav submitted my complaints to Sime Darby last week(Friday) n until today.....no reply.

I am so unhappy n so helpless.


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