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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Xbox 360, PS3

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Xbox 360, PS3 Empty Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Xbox 360, PS3

Post  BimBim on 28/12/2010, 12:36 am

[SIZE="4"]Sonic the Hedgehog - Xbox 360, PS3[/SIZE]

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Xbox 360, PS3 Sth20061

Well folks, it’s been two years since CW posted my review of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and from that day on I’ve been supply GamesForum with the reviews it need. Looking back onto it I realised “Wow, my Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 review was actually poorly done”. Now I feel it was too angry to be a review. I swore at the features, tried hard to be funny and so on. Maybe I was just a generally angry person back in 2008. Or maybe this game was so butt-****ingly awful I couldn‘t think this more intelligently. So to celebrate my 2 year anniversary of Rawpowered Reviews here is a more dignified re-write of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

The story, like most Sonic games, has you tackling through the main story through different Characters perspectives. Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and the newcomer in this game, Silver the Hedgehog. You play as each one of them to discover what happens in each story.
Sonic’s story begins in the beautiful town of Soleanna. Ruled by a princess called Elise. The city is in the middle of the “Festival of the Sun” until Dr Eggman invades and pretty much launches a terrorist attack on the city. I’m serious, the amount of robots attacks and missiles firing in the first cutscene of that story is just phenomenal. But it just so happens our blue dude with the ‘tude is nearby to save the princess from the invasion, leaving everyone else to burn and die. I’m kidding, everyone’s safe. So Sonic stealing random girls from terrorist attacks like the valiant hero he is takes her to safety… until Dr Eggman comes along to kidnap her. Hold on a second. A Dictator, stealing a Princess which a hero must save, does this sound familiar at all?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Xbox 360, PS3 Fotosonicthehedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is sponsered by Flashy Effects Inc.

Shadow’s story occur 1 year after the events of that highly retard game of his, Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow (instead of plotting vengeance on G.U.N. for killing his loli friend Maria) joins G.U.N. for no particular reason. So Shadow is on this G.U.N. mission to save Rouge, the annoying bat creature/Furry attraction device, once she is found they go continue the mission she was on, to collect an ancient artifact The Scepter of Darkness. After finding the artifact they are attacked by Dr Eggman. I guess Dr Eggman is pretty much everywhere on a Hedgehog Hunting spree. However during this fight The Scepter of Darkness shatters and out comes the main villain of this game, Mephiles the Dark. Mephiles is actually one of the most bad ass characters in this game, he does stuff Dr Eggman has been trying to do for years. Shadow’s story centres around finding and defeating Mephiles. It’s bad, there’s even some of the worst plot twists in video game history in this story.
It’s really quite stupid how Shadow’s whole story in the Sonic series has really cocked up. After Sonic Adventure 2 his back-story never made sense. Sonic Heroes reveals that he could be one of millions of clones, then Shadow the Hedgehog reveals he is made from Alien semen (no joke). Joining G.U.N., the Military that destroyed his creator and best friend in the past, is not doing him any favours.

Silver’s Story begins in the future. Silver’s time is a post-apocalyptic world from an incident that occurred years ago. Silver and his partner Blaze the Cat (from Sonic Rush) are having a constant battle with a demon, known as Iblis, who terrorizes the future world (which is already destroyed so what’s the point). After defeating Iblis they realise he can respawn to reign terror once again unless the “Flames of Disaster” are sealed. Mephiles arrives to the two to reveals that they can go back in time to save the future. Mephiles tricks Silver into thinking that Sonic is the “Iblis Trigger” the one responsible for Iblis’ destruction. Silver’s story is ok, it doesn’t cock up it’s timeline and keeps things simple, however Silver does say the most over-the-top dramatic lines in the game. Maybe Sega want him to sound “cool” but Silver says the lines too much it becomes lackluster.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Xbox 360, PS3 Sonicthehedgehog1qjprev
Silver is pretty much the Mascot of Flashy Effects Inc.

The objective in each characters levels is to get to the goal, like all Sonic games. Sonic’s moves are pretty much what you expect from him, Homing Attacks, Spin Dashing, Light Dash etc. But also he has sections in some levels called “Mach Speed Sections”. And my god they are terrible. They control far too poorly, everything’s going so fast and the turning is so tight you can barely do much about it. It’s really difficult due to its own control.
Shadow, being the complete re-colour he is, Has the exact same moves as Sonic. He doesn’t get the Mach Speed Sections, no he gets something worse. He gets his vehicles from Shadow the Hedgehog. Those crappy, slow, hardly effective, poorly controlled vehicles. And the worst thing about them is you have to use them, there’s not even a choice, if it’s there, you know it’ll be terrible to use, but it’s going to be more helpful anyway.
Silver has something new to offer in the Sonic series. He uses telekinetic powers to levitate and manipulate inanimate objects and enemies. It is a very unique concept which I really like but sometimes, not many, Silver can throw the items in the completely wrong direction, it’s really sad to see this new character has potential and Sega just ruin his concepts, over-the-top lines, controls which sometimes miss. Also Silver has some ridiculously hard missions to do and they can get really frustrating and annoying.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Xbox 360, PS3 90410072
"Right so we finished the Gyromite, but where's R.O.B.?"

Also with the Main characters you have there side characters. Sonic’s side characters are Tails and Knuckles, Shadow’s side characters are Rouge and E-123 Omega and Silver’s side characters are Blaze the Cat and surprisingly Amy Rose. The have basic gameplay, nothing too special, if you’ve played these characters in different Sonic games then you’ll know straight away what they do. But the most odd thing about the side characters is they hardly do anything to move the plot along. The side only character that really does something useful towards the story is Blaze, and the only important thing she does is right at the end of Silver’s story. You have these unique and different characters and Sega makes them pretty much useless.

Of all the characters in this game do you know which 2 characters I find the most annoying? Sonic and Elise. My god the relationship between them is the most awkward and cringe-worthy relationship in the whole Sonic series. I don’t think Sega intentionally wanted it to happen, but did they try to blossom a romance between the two? You can see how those two are just friends, yet there are scenes so cliché you might as well have Elton John singing “Can you feel the Love Tonight” constantly. Just to prove how cliché their romance is; Here’s the infamous “Just Smile” scene
YouTube - 22. Sonic and Elise, in the forest
It’s horrible forced, quirky love, like you’d see in a Disney cartoon, only with Bestiality and less sympathy.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - Xbox 360, PS3 Sonicthehedgehog2006101
The relationship between these two would even make Bella and Edward cringe

There about 10 stages altogether, which is quite short . Each Character will at least play 6 of those 10, it’s quite dismal. It’s also just straight from the Sonic Stage Factory. Let me explain here’s how to fill your Sonic
Step 1: You choose 10 stages you’ve seen in other Sonic games like Beach stages, Casino, Jungle, Desert, City etc.
Step 2: Make at least 1 new concept so you can say you’re sort of original
Step 3: Give all the Stages obvious and predictable names like Wave Ocean.
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit!
Though with this said I do have to admit the stages are looking more beautiful than any other Sonic game. The environments look absolutely stunning it’s possibly the only part of this game I can look at.

The sound is, well, hit and miss. There are some really good tracks on there, again some better than any Sonic game so far, but it’s the stage themselves that blow it over. Well, it’s hard to explain. Basically Stages are divided into section and each of those sections and every time you enter a new section the soundtrack changes to a different version of the track you were just listening too. In some cases it gets better but it most cases it’ll ruin the feel of the gameplay. I guess it’s a miss for me because I’m sort of a Sonic fanboy, and in the 3D games I’m expecting some good rock and metal tracks. You get them but sometimes when you switch sections of the stage it change to a track so lackluster.

There are two different Multiplayer modes in this game, by different I mean the exact same thing only with a co-op or against option. This is just sad really. One mode involves you and a friend working together in order to collect the Chaos Emeralds, lives are shared. I have to bring up the whole “it’s not fun with only one person knowing how to play” thing again. But this game takes a kick it the kidneys with this. If you’re the only person who knows what to do then you’ll be dragging your friend along with you throughout the whole match. The other mode it the exact same thing only you have to go head-to-head to the finish. The only real way to win is to pick Silver and throw your friend around as much as you can, but I doubt that’ll do any favours for your friendship.

It’s quite shameful how the Sonic series recently has some of the most well thought concepts and ideas yet it’s always ruined by everything else. The gameplay is terrible, the soundtrack can be really off-putting at times and a lot more other reasons which could be used for the Pros and Cons below. At this point I have to regrettably say the 3D Sonic games are only good for presentation, and here even that is severely lacking.

+ Some good Visuals
+ Some very good concepts…
- …Which get ruined by pretty much everything else in this game
- Multiplayer isn’t fun at all
- Story is amazingly flawed
- Too much emphasis on Silver, who I’ll admit had potential



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