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Post  Mr007 on 14/11/2010, 5:16 pm

In the economic recession, we know that music-lovers everywhere are facing a difficult choice between new CDs and groceries. Music-Talk wants to help you through these difficult times. That's why we've created the MT Freebies project. In this thread, we seek to connect music-lovers with free, LEGAL music.

How it works: in this post I will keep an updated list of links to free music, be it songs or albums, streaming or downloads. Your job: help your fellow MTers find more free music. If you come across a site that allows you to download or stream music legally or for free, please share the link here! Eventually we hope to build a list that spans
multiple genres, time periods, and level of popularity. Also, if you find any broken or expired links, please post to let us know so they may be removed.

streaming - you can listen to the music online without having to download it.
on demand - you can listen to the songs/albums/artists that you want to listen to at a given time.
online radios - are streaming but not on demand. They usually play music in a particular genre or similar to a certain artist, but not necessarily the exact music that you want to here.

[big]Online Radios:[/big]

[big]Streaming music on demand:[/big]
The Hype Machine
Project Playlist

[big]List of full streaming albums (in alphabetical order by band):[/big]
[big]Streaming songs:[/big]
NIN|JA Tour - some Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, and Street Sweeper songs

[big]Free downloads (full albums in italics):[/big]

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